melt your face.

its not an unknown fact that i love dance. and i especially love to watch professionals dance. so, i had to share with you the sickest (in a good way) dance that i have ever seen. it was on sytycd this week and i was blown away. it was so sick, it will melt your face off. enjoy.

see. i told you.
melt. your. face. off.
and, they have a pretty cool name...the legion of extraordinary dancers.
or the lxd.


  1. Very Impressive. I had to watch it twice... and I could still watch it again (and I wouldn't even call myself a fan of dance). Thanks for posting that.

  2. melt your face off! -- you're so funny! but seriously weird and wow! i was mesmerized, their body moments were perfect with the music. thanks for exposing me to such great talent!