for today.

for today: december 17, 2009.

outside my window: it is getting dark. earlier today, it was sunny and a bit warmer than usual. yesterday was miserable because of the inversion. i love seasons and even though i don't love the cold, i don't mind winter. but, man...i am not looking forward to the northern utah inversions. blah.

i am thinking: about how much i feel like i have to do...but in reality, i don't really have anything to do. there are things that i wish i could do, but my work schedule sucks. oh well. such is life.

i am thankful for: lots of things. lots and lots of things. but right now, i am super thankful for diet mt. dew. it'll get me through this day of work like a champ.

from the kitchen: (at work) we got the greasiest garlic bread in the history of man. i had to use three napkins to dab away the gross. it was okay bread after that. guess what i learned today...there is such a thing as too much butter.

i am wearing: shoes. i hate shoes. i wish i could wear flip flops.

i am creating: stuff for other people. i sure wish i could motivate myself to create something for myself.

i am going: to survive this day. just like i survive all the others.

i am reading: the same book that i have been reading for a long time now. i sure wish i could get back to reading on a regular basis. i miss it.

i am hoping: for lots of things.

i am hearing: nothing really. the keyboard. distant voices. sniffling. coughing. oh, and a baby crying.

around the house: there are sure signs of christmas. my favorite, though, is the huge snowman in front of the house.

one of my favorite things: is christmas. lucky for me, i get to spend it with the juvenile delinquents. it'll be entertaining. but it will definitely not be where i really want to be. work so gets in the way of my life.

a few plans for the rest of the week: definitely include some surprises...like work. i know, who would've thought i'd go to work. hahaha. laundry is again on the list. hopefully i can get some of the stuff done that i really feel like i need to get done. whatevs.

here is a picture thought i am sharing:

bestie and cutie.


  1. I love that picture . . . I thought one of your suprises for this week would be to visit us . . . what do those plans look like? Oh, I got a package via UPS for you . . .

  2. wow that picture is amazing!

  3. I love that picture of Sara and Lilly that is just precious. Merry Christmas!!