for today.

for today: october 11, 2009.

outside my window: it is cloudy. it rained all night and morning, but now it is just dreary. i love it.

i am thinking: how tired i am. and i'm thinking about what i can do to remedy the problem. too bad caffeine does nothing for me.

i am thankful for: good friends. even though i am "anti-social" because of my lame work schedule, i still have incredible friends.

from the kitchen: we are probably getting corn dogs or chicken nuggets. typical sunday dinner at the youth center. yum. not.

i am wearing: the clothes that i put on. plus my jacket. it's cold in here..

i am creating: a surprise. an amazing birthday surprise. and i'm pretty proud of myself for it. it is going to be awesome.

i am going: to have to figure out a way to not be tired. maybe if it was at home with absolutely nothing to do and bored out of my mind i wouldn't be tired. isn't that how it goes? i guess it could be worse.

i am reading: a teen novel. don't ask. i just like them...sometimes.

i am hoping: that more people will participate in my fun surprise project.

i am hearing: lame cartoons on the tv. i hate cartoons. but i'm forced to watch them on a regular basis.

around the house: the leaves are changing...and falling. cause it's fall. get it?

one of my favorite things: is music. duh. you should check out this band, good old war. they are quickly becoming a new favorite. right behind keaton simons.

a few plans for the rest of the week: include finishing up the surprise project, work, work and more work. plus a little laundry. maybe some cleaning. who knows, i may even check facebook.

here is a picture thought i am sharing:

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  1. I love that picture! What a fun suprise . . . I'm thinking I'm tired too, maybe the weather?