it talks like a pirate.

did you know today is talk like a pirate day? well, it is. i'm not sure how popular this holiday is in the rest of the world, but for a few years i have been quite aware of this grand day.

a few years back, some friends decided to celebrate this day with a stellar costume party which was strictly enforced. my friend, adriane, dressed as captain hook. her costume was fantastic. and the costume was completed with a bicycle, circa 1982...banana seat and all. the coat of the costume became a little tight when she held onto the handle bar. oh, geez...the visual...i can't stop laughing. (so, so wish i had some pictures.)

two other friends, dave and andy, dressed as peter pan. they found kid costumes at the store. yes, you read that right. two adult males bought little kid peter pan costumes. i can't even begin to tell you how hysterical yet amazing they looked. there is a picture, but i'm not the owner. i wish i could get my hands on that. it's a gem. (update: i've been thinking that i may be wrong...they weren't peter pan costumes, although i'm 100% certain there was green somewhere on the costumes. i do know for sure, for sure that they were little kid costumes, though. i guess what kind doesn't really matter after that.)

the whole party was amazing. at the time, i thought they were making this holiday up. but, alas, they were not. this morning i heard it announced on the national news. maybe it's turning into a real holiday. here's hoping to another state holiday...no school or work. how sweet would that be? very, very.

anyway, in the spirit of the day, i'd like to introduce my pirate name.

My pirate name is:

Bloody Ethel Rackham

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it's the open sea. For others (the masochists), it's the food. For you, it's definitely the fighting. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

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