a couple of months ago, as i was blog stalking, i was checking out one of the "regular" blogs i read and the author had written about how she had been recording old episodes of friends on her dvr and that she watches them whenever she has nothing else to do or watch, or while she is doing other things.

well, seeing as how friends is my most favorite tv show ever, i stole her idea and i have been recording as many episodes of friends as i can find. jk. i just record what they show on tbs. luckily, when i started recording the episodes, they were at the very beginning of the series and so i have been able to enjoy my favorite show all over again. just a few days ago, i was blessed with my most favorite episode of friends...ever.

and this is my favorite scene from my favorite episode.

this episode contains so much goodness and quite a few one-liners. but by far, "...in prison" is my most favorite one-liner from friends. and, even to this day, i will occasionally throw it out there. granted, no one knows what i am talking about, but i do and that is all that matters.

once, though, right after this episode aired (way, way back in the nineties), i used the "...in prison" line and it was spot on. one of my finer moments, if i do say so myself. i would give the low-down on my usage, but it's more of a "you had to be there" story...so i will spare you.

anyway, that's all. just thought i'd share.

ps. here is the second greatest scene from friends. it starts at 3:19 and ends at 5:33. and the second greatest one-liner is at 5:03.


  1. wow...they were so skinny back then...

  2. "kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck" - dare you to use that in a conversation :)

  3. I totally would've known what you meant if you said "in prison." I still laugh out laugh when I watch friends. One of the best purchases I EVER made was when I bought the box set at Costco... I had a coupon and it ended up being about $100... seriously I have rewatched the entire season a couple times. One of my personal favorite lines (from Ross), "PIVOT!"