last weekend.

growing up, general conference weekend was always a big deal in our family. we have some great family friends and every conference weekend was spent with them, either coming to our house or we would go to their house in idaho.

since my parents moved to vegas, general conference just hasn't been the same. but this year, my adorable sister wanted to waken the sleeping tradition and opened the doors of her home so we could spend some quality time together. my parents came up from vegas and our friends headed south, as did i.

i didn't get a lot of pictures, seeing as how i had that migraine/flu incident, but i did get a few on saturday night.

i really wish i would have been able to take some pictures on sunday. the big boys (matt, blake and derek) all played with the little boys (jesse and malcolm) and taught them all kinds of naughty things. funny but naughty things. and there was one moment when i walked out of the dungeon i was keeping myself in (ya know...because of the headache situation) and i saw the most adorable thing in the world. malcolm was conked out on the sofa, all snuggled up next to blake. oooohhhh. soooo cute. it was, really. but funny, too. i guess ya just gotta know them.

anyway, a few pictures. enjoy.

this is my mommy and my baby lillie. lillie thought she was afraid of me when i first got there and grandma was her safe place. she has a mouth full of bread dough here, too, btw. it was pretty funny.

my other mother jane and gail (matt's wife). this is the only normal picture that anyone got of gail. i'm not sure if she just doesn't like her picture taken or what, but i had to share the one picture i had.

this is what the majority of the pictures of gail looked like. in the rest, she has her face completely covered by the scarf. weird, i know. hahaha.

lillie and kristen. you'll notice that all but a couple of pictures were of lillie. i guess she was the most cooperative photo subject. malcolm just wanted to take pictures (see picture above) and jesse was playing...and the adults don't really like their picture taken...so lillie was it.

me and my baby lillie...i love how she is looking out the corner of her eyes.

lillie really likes grandma jane, too. she also loves sitting on the counter. and water. so, this was the perfect place for her.

jesse's brief appearance...and at least we got an adorable picture with his baby sister, lillie.

daddy's little girl...just when he got home from priesthood meeting.


  1. You got some cute pictures of my family! All of them, everyone! Don't mind if I steal them - glad you blogged about our weekend, it was fabulous!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! What a fun tradition for both of your families...

  3. i'm so jealous, did any of you miss me?