just some things.

here are a few things that i've been thinking/doing/feeling/seeing...you get the idea...this past week.

1. i have a brand new favorite toothpaste. i have been using crest whitening expressions in cinnamon rush for the past couple of years. once i find a toothpaste i like, i stick with it (obviously). but this past week, i branched out and got the wintergreen ice...granted same brand and "line" but different flavor. and i love it. like, love-love it. brushing my teeth is now my favorite part of the day. simple pleasures, people...simple pleasures.

2. i love college basketball. i love march madness. i love filling out the bracket and praying for random upsets. most of the time, i totally pick the winning teams based on emotion. i generally do okay when i do this, too. but this year, i changed up my tactics...i picked based on what the sports analysts were saying and what the statistics said. and i got hosed. only one team i picked broke out of the elite eight. good job uconn. pitt, you suck. next year, i will back to picking based on personal feelings and emotions.

3. i found the most amazing little music duo from sweden this week. two adorable sisters with voices to die for. they are called first aid kit. as of yet, they are not available on itunes (which is where i buy all my music, apparently). so, in the meantime, here is a cover they did of another amazing band's song. love, love it.

4. my computer tanked this last week. luckily, i have family members who can lead me in the right direction when this obnoxious stuff happens to me. and i also have amazing friends who can actually fix it. i am also very wise, and obtained an external hard drive and so i wasn't too concerned about losing what was on my computer. sadly, though, there were a few files that i hadn't transferred to my hard drive. but, good news, the friend who fixed it still has my files on is computer, so it might not be so sad. still, though, computer issues suck.

5. and finally, i got sick this week. yes, again. but no, not the same thing. this time around, i got a lovely migraine headache followed closely by the flu. and by closely, i mean simultaneously. it was a miserable couple of days. still getting over the after affects, but i should survive. i hate being sick. probably, more than anything in the world.

so, until next time, that's all.

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  1. can i just say i'm really glad that you enjoy brushing your teeth! it is really un fun when you are chatting with someone and they have smelly breath. i never know if i should back away or just hold my breath and hope they don't notice! so thank you for not ever putting me in that awkward position! it's refreshing...