for today.

for today: april 18, 2009.

outside my window: the grass is turning green. love green grass...except for when i have to mow it.

i am thinking: about how i'm getting sick for the umpteenth time in the last six months. my immune system sucks this year.

i am thankful for: modern medicine and things like antibiotics, ear drops and pain killers.

from the kitchen: there is cleanliness. meaning, someone cleaned today. it will be a mess by tomorrow...but it's clean today.

i am wearing: what i am going to wear to work.

i am creating: this lovely blog post.

i am going: to be utterly annoyed if this ear ache doesn't subside quickly.

i am reading: the same thing i was reading last time. i know...get on with it already, huh?

i am hoping: that this bug goes away quickly.

i am hearing: great music, but it sounds weird and "tinny" because of my ear. i know, i'm a complainer...oh well.

around the house: there is silence. they have all disappeared. i'm assuming they will appear again later.

one of my favorite things: is britain's got talent. too bad i can't catch it on tv here. i guess highlights on youtube will have to do.

a few plans for the rest of the week: consist of getting rid of this bug and lots of work.

here is a picture thought i am sharing:


  1. And just where did that photo come from??

  2. That's adorable - was that from Lillie's blessing?