playlist mania.

i love music. i know that i have said this before, but i just wanted to remind you all of that at the onset of this post.

awhile ago, i happened upon this blog. not sure how i found it, but it is probably the most awesome blog find ever...seriously. the top two reasons i think it's the greatest blog find are: 1. who doesn't love a "mixed tape?" especially one from 1988. and 2. check out what he says in the "about me" section. need i say more? but i digress.

anyway, because of this blog, i am always trying to put together amazing playlists. you see, i have a plethora of music (remember how i love music--well, i love to collect it, too). and sometimes when i am in itunes i get a little overwhelmed trying to find different music, so i always end up listening to the same stuff and making playlists from the same stuff.

well, the other day i was rooting around in my itunes, trying to put together some spectacular playlists and i remembered this post. (just in case you decide not to link over, he says that two minutes and forty-two seconds is the "magical number" for great songs.) that's when i decided to make a playlist based solely on the length of the song.

and i have two words: uh-mazing.

i've picked a couple of different song lengths and both playlists are seriously awesome. stuff i would have never put together in a playlist. this method is going to be my new go-to method, for sure.

i encourage you to try it. i've tried 2:42 and 3:11. the latter is my favorite of the two, but still, both lists are awesome. if you try this, let me know how it goes. i dare say you'll love it.

that's all.


  1. Hey chelle it's Britany! I found your blog from a comment on Shae's blog. How exciting we can keep in touch now! You sound like you're doing great!

  2. i'm probably being lame, but i just don't understand