for today.

for today: february 20, 2009.

outside my window: last night there were three deer. two does and one buck. a small buck, but a buck none the less. too bad it wasn't deer season in my backyard. oh, and too bad i don't have a gun. i have been thinking about getting one, though. ya know, before the end of the world...i might need one.

i am thinking: about how common sense has failed many, many americans. and i'm thinking about how i spend too much time thinking about this. i mean, there isn't anything i can do to change it, so i shouldn't worry my pretty little head.

i am thankful for: a job, shelter and food.

from the kitchen: i can smell the burnt food on the bottom of the oven. for the love of pete and all that is holy, someone clean it. it's amazing that they can't figure out that the burning smell can go away...you just have to clean it up. weird. back to that whole common sense thing, eh?

i am wearing: what i always wear...clothes.

i am creating: super fun memories. hahaha.

i am going: to crash at the end of this day. nothing like working a grave, then a couple of hours in the morning and then a swing shift. gotta love work...even though i am greedy and have two jobs.

i am reading: the same book i have been reading for weeks. i mean, finish it already, i say.

i am hoping: that this cold will disappear swiftly and that i can go for seven whole days without cold symptoms. it would be a record for the season, ya know.

i am hearing: nothing. well, there is buzzing and whirring of machines. and there is a tv in the distance. and i'm typing. but nothing more than that.

around the house: there are little messes. someone took the initiative and cleaned yesterday (albeit, not very good). but there are still random little messes. boys. what do you do?

one of my favorite things: is new music finds. i just found tamarama. if you are a fan of the city, then you know this band. it's whitney's boyfriend's band. i'm a little obssessed with them.

a few plans for the rest of the week: include getting over this (the fourth for the season) cold. of course, there will be work and church and maybe some friend time, but i'm solely focused on no more stuffy nose. and no more sneezing. i'm over the sneezing.

here is a picture thought i am sharing: speaking of great music finds...this is my friend's band, resistor radio. we went and saw them play this week and they are fantastic. they are a little bit of everything. truly enjoyable. and they are truly talented. i'm going to be shamelessly promoting them, fyi. so, go and check them out.

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