there are not words.

i can't even explain to you how annoyed i was this morning, on may 1st.
yes, this is what the morning of may 1st looked like.
may 1st.
there are not enough words in the english language to adequately describe how annoyed i am with the weather.
i'm so effing over it.

this is out my window, so excuse the screen.


  1. you need to plan a vacation to Florida!!! It's 80 sunny and beautiful!! Mickey & Minnie would love to see you!!:)

  2. effing? really? you should come here, it's beautiful! i like the view from my old window...think of it as pixie dust. hehehe

  3. Ha ha - that looks like it should be Boston weather. We're the ones that usually have the endless snow. Sorry! I'll keep my 60 degrees. :)

    I'm coming to town next week. I hope it's gone by then. Maybe I'll bring the sunshine with me.

  4. remember the kick in the crotch? it's like whoever is kicking us in the crotch just kicked us in the gut. and maybe gave us a dead leg and then followed that up with a pinch on that really soft, sensitive part of the inner upper arm. ow.

  5. should i have said whoMever? i'm dumB.