nanatsu exists no longer.

it is now roku.

remember that nanatsu was japanese for seven.
well, we lost three of the original members of nanatsu
we have since picked up two new members, totalling six.
and roku is six in japanese.

you might wonder why japanese...well, because the first dinner of the dinner group was sushi.
japanese was just logical.

so, look for roku postings in the future.
and i'll introduce you to the new members.


  1. kind of makes me feel good, like you found two members to replace those other two that are out, but you still haven't replaced me...ahhh...like beyonce, i also am irreplaceable. and i'm kind of excited to see who the newbies are.

  2. I think Adriane has it all wrong I was the last to leave so I must be the one you aren't replacing!

    How the heck are you???

  3. i guess replaced isn't the word i should have used...because no one can replace either of you. :)