the best wedding, ever...seriously.

last saturday, i was fortunate enough to attend the best wedding ever. i'm not even lying. it wasn't the best wedding ever because it was the most luxurious and extravagent. it wasn't the best wedding ever because the food was the most delicious food ever or because the band was the greatest wedding band to ever play a wedding.

i bet you wanna know why i think it was the best wedding ever...well, i'll tell you. it was the best wedding ever because it was the most entertaining and out of the ordinary wedding that i have ever attended. now, let me tell you why.

you are probably wondering who's wedding it was. it was my friend, sara's brother's wedding...sonny married kallie.

aren't they adorable? i know, they are.

remember how i told you about my favorite vacation destination? well, the first best thing about this wedding was that it was held at my favorite vacation destination. that is reason enough for it to be the best wedding ever.

i'm sure i haven't really ever told you this, but i secretly had a minor obsession with cowboys for a good portion of my life. my dad used to take us to that famous preston night rodeo, and when i was in high school, i had unrealistic dreams of marrying a cowboy and living on a ranch and raising cows and horses together. i outgrew this dream, but i still really like rodeos and cowboys.

so, the second reason that this wedding was the greatest wedding ever is because it was a cowboy wedding. sonny is a bull rider and kallie is a barrel racer. it doesn't get more "cowboy" than that.

and the third reason that this was the best wedding ever was because it was more than a wedding...it was a party. for real. one of those parties that you talk about for years and years. it was the kind of party that you end up playing the "remember when" game with, over and over and over. it was such a good party, that when bud (sonny's brother) gave the toast, this is how it went: "the last time we had a party this big out here, our parents were out of town." beautiful. need i say more.

anyway, i got some really good pictures of the ceremony, but my camera battery died promptly after the ceremony (i knew i should have charged it). the rest of the pictures are from another wedding attendee. good thing she had her camera, cause i was afraid i wasn't going to have any documentation of this event.

so, now for your view pleasure...the best wedding ever.

kallie and her dad were driven to the aisle in this buggy.
bud, sonny's brother, drove the buggy.

at the "alter." they were so happy and so cute.
sonny's dad, tim, married them and it was a beautiful "cowboy" ceremony.
the funniest thing tim said was that sonny was gaining a wife, not a ranch hand.

my friend, sara, and her dad.
such a happy-family day.

sara and brother bill.
bill is the only brother that is not a rodeo cowboy.
he and sara are more alike and i love it.

from left to right: laurie (mother of the groom), bud, ty and his wife, jeanie, and sara.
ty is also a cowboy. he is a good example to the rest of the rowdy cowboys.

after the ceremony, there was a delicious meal and mingling and a band and dancing. you know, all the usual wedding stuff. but as soon as the band packed up and the sun went down, the party started, full force. that's when the bull-riding started. yup. that's right. bull-riding. it was awesome.

this is a shot of the spectators at the bull-riding.

this isn't a good picture of the bull-riding, since you don't actually see anyone riding a bull...but i promise, it happened.
and yes, they rode with their jackets and ties on.

some fireside dancing...this is shawn and sara.

brother of the bride, whit, with the bride.
kallie's family is adorable, just like she is.

bud and bill.
brothers, and twin brothers at that.

bud pulled out the electric guitar to play us a tune.
he plays a mean guitar.
all i heard him play, though, was the theme to the movie, top gun.

and then the karaoke-ing started.
i wish i could tell you what they were singing, but i'm not real sure.

kallie enjoyed it, though.
and that's all that matters.

more karaoke-ing.
if you could have only been there, you would appreciate it so much more.

kind of a big group shot, fireside.
defnitely a cowboy-wedding-turned-crazy-party.

and it wouldn't have been a true cowboy event had no one slept in their car.
and they did.
lots of them.

definitely one the highlights of my life. there are quite a few, but this wedding is going on the top ten list, for sure.

my best wishes to the newlyweds and may their marriage be as entertaining and enjoyable as the wedding and party. or at least close.

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