this is the end.

i made a bold statement about my patriots winning the super bowl, but deep in my heart i believe in "any given sunday."

on any given sunday, any good team can win the game.

there, i said it, the giants were good. in the post-season. they had the worst record of any team to play in a super bowl, but they truly had an amazing post-season topped off with a super bowl win.

and i'm not afraid to admit that the patriots choked, big time. and it's happened before to other teams, and it will happen again to other teams. the nature of sports, i suppose.

and yes, the 2007 patriots will be known as the team that almost had a perfect season. but at least they will be remembered, unlike other super bowl losers.

i'm coming to terms with the loss. i'll be over it soon. it was a good football season, and i'm not at all ashamed to be a patriots fan. and after my anger goes away, i'll cheer for them next year.

ps. the yankees still suck.


  1. I'll just let you know that I am a Cowboys fan... so at least your team MADE it to the Superbowl and ALMOST won! That's way better than not making it at all. :o)

  2. atta girl....way to be a true 'sport' admitting your teams mistakes and recognizing the other teams strengths. it's an important step in the healing process...

  3. hey chelle...I bet you didn't know I have been a Giants fan my whole life. My Steve is a Cowboy fan and he too is healing, ever so slowly...