oscar approval.

i didn't write about this movie when i originally saw it, but since it won the oscar for best song, i am going to add my stamp of approval. i loved the movie, but that doesn't mean it is for everyone. what is for everyone, though, is the music. after seeing the film, i immediately purchased the soundtrack and have since purchased two other glen hansard albums. love love love him and his music, especially the music from this movie. the raw emotion of all the music is amazing. but, i am a music junkie, so of course i love it. anyway, give it a listen...and enjoy. (ps. check out his guitar. he used that same guitar in the movie, too. i love it, almost as much as willie nelson's.)

and since we are on the topic of the oscars, i was very glad that marion cotillard won for la vie en rose. another amazing movie, but maybe not for everyone (if you don't like subtitles, don't watch it). but the music is for everyone. i love edith piaf and old french music. check it out, it's good stuff.

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