my baby logan.

isn't he the most beautiful baby in the world? seriously? he is, i know. well, at least i think so.

and this week, the cute little thing had to spend time in the hospital due to rsv. and my poor sister was under the weather, too. hopefully they are doing much better now.

so, i think the little one looks exactly like his big brother, adam, but that is just my opinion. i can't wait to meet him in approximately a month. oh, i can't wait.

in the meantime, i will "ooo" and "aaahh" over these adorable pictures taken by the very talented aften.


  1. so, i love the pictures - even though you stole them. i have to admit, i did feel a twinge of jealousy with you saying he's the most beautiful baby - maybe you meant one of the most beautiful babies in the world, the others just happen to all be your neices and nephews. he's such a sweet boy, i can't wait to meet him either.

  2. don't you know yet, that they are all the most beautiful babies in the world?

  3. thanks chelle, i happen to think he is the most beautiful baby! ; )

  4. by the way, i love the aften shout out!