my american idol.

i'm gonna do it. i'm gonna pick one singer and stick with them to the end. i don't usually do this. i like american idol because i like music and i like to see talented people make their dreams come true. with that being said, i have never been as enamored with a contestant as i am with david archuleta. he is adorable, humble, genuine and incredibly talented. and yes, he is from the great state of utah, but i didn't know that until this week. i have loved him since the auditions and the fact that we share a home state is just a bonus. and i will be outraged if he doesn't win and i will boycott the show forever.

i have never been a voting viewer, but this week i voted, and this is why.


  1. wow! he is amazing - did you hear how quite the crowd was while he sang - even they were in awe.

  2. MMMMM.... I couldn't love him any more!