sunday scribblings.

prompt #90: holiday memories.

i don't even know where to begin with holiday memories, so i will start with this christmas and the memories that are currently being created.

this is going to be the first christmas that i will not be with my parents. since i have to work christmas morning, i am spending christmas eve with my sister and her family. but since my parent's moved to vegas, i will not be able to spend any of the holiday with them. as weird as it is, i like that things are different. it is good to get out of the "comfort zone."

i have many, many good memories of christmas with my family, in the home that we all grew up in. i am a little sad that my children and my neices and nephews won't be able to spend time in the house that we grew up in, but like i said, i like that things can change and that they will have brand new memories of where grandma and grandpa live.

in christmases past, i loved that my mom was always on top of decorating and making our home feel very festive. i do remember that i thought she was selling out when they bought the artificial tree, but i grew to enjoy the tree. she always had "theme" trees, which i adore. they are very organized, which i enjoy. i like things matchy-matchy, so theme trees are ideal for me.

i also really loved that we would get to go and buy gifts for each other. we would get to pick a night and my parents would take each of us, by ourselves, christmas shopping. i loved that we learned how to give when we were younger.

and finally, i love, love, love that my mom would spend a day making goodies to give to neighbors and friends and family. she almost always did it on christmas eve, so we would all get to drive around town, delivering treats, listening to christmas music, looking at christmas lights and searching for santa.

i have many wonderful memories of christmas and can't wait to make many more. i am most grateful for the true meaning of christmas and that i was taught the true meaning of christmas very young and that it was reinforced all while growing up.


  1. Thanks for sharing how magical and good Christmas can be.

  2. My parents don't live in the house I grew up in either. I don't know how to "go home" any more..... I guess it's time to make my own "go home" place.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. New memories. That's not a bad thing! I have to keep re-doing mine, too!