my nephews are comedians.

*now with the promised pictures.*
today, i stopped to see my sister, julie, and her kids on the way to stay with my sister kristen. my nephew, jake, was asleep when i got there, but julie woke him up so we could visit. there is an unwritten rule that you should not wake sleeping children, kind of like you should not wake sleeping giants.

jake was a grouchy bear when he woke up and wouldn't cooperate with me or visit with me or play with me. he was cracking me up. i wanted to have a picture taken of lucie, jake and i all together, but there was no way that jake was going to participate in that activity and he let it be know. he specifically said, "i won't do it." i couldn't help but giggle.

he is a riot. i told him that he better be good or else santa won't bring him any toys and he said that was okay "cause i already have toys." good to know, santa, good to know. to get him to be my friend, i taught him how to take pictures with my camera, including pictures of himself. trust me, i will post some of those pictures when i am at my own computer.

then, when i got to kristen's house, jesse and i were sitting and visiting before he went to bed and we were talking about how my car is old and dying. kristen started asking him what happens when you get old and he said that you die. then she asked jesse where you go when you die and he couldn't remember, so kristen gave him a little hint. "hea-, hea-." jesse, then shouts, "hecks." we lost it. we were laughing so hard. we couldn't stop. we told him that it was heaven and he said, oh yeah.

i can't help but brag about how funny and dang cute they are. i adore them all so much. good times, good times for sure.

ps. i will update this post with pictures when i at my own computer, so check back.

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