messy, i mean merry christmas.

this is the mess that my gross and disgusting and extremely dirty and messy roommates left me for christmas.

there are not words to express my disgust and anger, so i took pictures to document that i'm not crazy or irrationally clean and demanding. i'm just not a slob.

yes, my friends, that is the garbage.
the thing is, the little can is supposed to be recycling.
do you think that lettuce can be recycled?
i don't.

a better view of just how full the can was.
i like to call this lazy. very, very lazy.

these are not my dishes.
i did not use a single one of them.
yet, somehow, they think the magic dish fairy will do them.
(probably because i usually do.)

any other word you can think to discribe the filthy boys i live with.
wait until i decide to take pictures of their bathroom.
prepare to vomit.

and yes, that is a bowl of milk.
do they not know how horrendous that would have smelled if someone wasn't here to rinse it out?
which leads me to ask, how hard is it to rinse a bowl out?
are you that busy?
the thing is, this bowl was left by the one roommate that complains about how dirty the rest of the boys are.
that's right, i will not be listening to or validating those complaints anymore.

alright, i am done. sorry about the vent-fest. but i needed it.

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