roughly four weeks and counting.

so, the title implies that i have just started counting down to the day that i graduate, but that is just not true. let's be honest, i have been counting down since the day i started. or even before then, if we are going to be really honest. when i started college 12 years ago (holy crap, i'm old), i really didn't want to be there. i had been working in jackson hole, wyoming, and had fantasies of working there right through the winter and then starting school the next year. my parents weren't going to hear of it, so they picked up an application for me and came and moved me back to logan and my college career was underway. and that all happened two weeks before school was supposed to start. (utah state apparently doesn't have standards...ha, ha--go aggies!)

i had no idea what i wanted to study or what i wanted to be. i wanted to be everything and study everything. because of the indecision, i changed my major 3 times a quarter. finally, after two years, i gave it up. i opted for bridgerland (cause that was a smarter choice...huh?). and then there was the 5 year hiatus, filled with east coast adventures and more.

the whole time i knew that i wanted to finish school, but it wasn't until i moved back from boston that i had an idea of what i wanted to be and what i wanted to study. it started out with prison warden. yep, i wanted to be a prison warden. who does that, you are wondering...well, me. then i started school and i took a sociology class and i loved it. so, i signed up for another, juvenile delinquency, and i was hooked. i knew that i wanted to work with little criminals. and, wah-la, sociology wins.

it's been 5 years since that decision was made and i just can't believe that it is really almost over. sometimes i wonder why it has taken me so long. i really am buying into my own theory about not wanting to grow up, not wanting to be a real adult with real responsibilities. i guess i am going to have to grow up now, though. or maybe not.

yeah, so that's about all i have for now.

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  1. being a college graduate doesn't necessarily mean you have to be a grown up, you know.

    ps...congrats chelle my darling. you're amazing! sticking it out after starting and stopping and starting is pretty admirable.