it's really happening.

well, i never thought that i would see the day that the 'rents would move out of the house and away from the valley. what the crap? i know, but it really is happening. this whole week, i have avoided helping in any fashion because i truly think that i might have a breakdown about it. seriously, i know, right. i mean, it's not like have haven't had 9 months to prepare. but, seriously, did any of us really think it would happen.

the craziest part is that i am now going to live with the grandma. the crazy one, at that. oh, i know she is my only living grandma, but i do believe that she is the only crazy one that i will have. it's a crap shoot as to how it really will be, but having everyone wish me good luck doesn't help. i know that i am the most outspoken and i really probably won't let her tell me what to do and how to be, but how much of her telling me what to do and how to be will i be able to handle. the only good thing is that i can move out, but do i want to write myself out of the will? oh, that is a bad attitude, but it's not going to be a picnic, that is for sure. i love that when kristen asked me how long i was going to live with her, my first reaction/response was until i had to go live in prison. i know, not funny, but funny. oh, i am being a bit dramatic. i will survive. i always do.

yeah, so they took apart the house. it's not completely empty, but it might as well be. the only good that has come out of it is that i scored the leather sofa set. okay, it's not the only good, but it's a good good. the other good is that mike has finally gotten out. now, what that means on the other end is another story. it could go terribly wrong, but we are crossing our fingers for it to be good.

so, on a lighter note, ether made sushi again and i again ate way too much of it. it was extremely delicious. i just don't think that you can go wrong with sushi. i haven't ever had any that i just didn't like. i have had some that i like more that others, but i have loved all of the kinds that ether has made for us. even the sashimi was good.

this is sara and adriane.

this is adriane and ether.

and to change the subject again...i CANNOT wait for school to be done. it is crazy to me that it will be done in less than a month. a little scary since i haven't applied myself like i should have, but so exciting. i serioulsy didn't think this day would ever come.

so to sum up...empty house, not so good; living with grandma, maybe a wreck; sushi, very good; graduation, excellent.

alrighty then.

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  1. ok so i'm mildly obsessed with commenting on blogs now. this is only because i still can't figure out this dang blogger/blogspot stuff. but it's okay. i will probably be calling you soon if i still can't figure it out.


    and don't worry...i will come visit you in prison.