i'm a grown-up.

so, a few weeks ago, i was at dinner with some of my girlfriends...okay, it was natalie and lindsey...anyway, we were either paying or getting up to leave and lindsey (with all the tact she could muster--she is a west, after all) told me that i needed to get a "grown-up" bag.

now, i know what you are thinking, but it's okay...this is something only lindsey can say to me and only she can get away with it. she is a west, after all. and she has really great taste...she is a west, after all. so, trust, i wasn't offended. mostly, i was curious about what distinguishes a "grown-up" bag from all the others. if i were to use lindsey and natalie's bags as examples, it means really, really big with lots of pockets and enough room for everything in the bathroom, including the sink. i like to call them "mom" bags. i guess moms are grown-ups, so that made sense.

i have been carrying this red bag around for quite awhile, and maybe it isn't the classiest, but it does have enough room for what i need to carry and several pockets on the inside, so i can keep my stuff organized.

not a "grown-up" bag.

but now that i am going to be a college graduate and, in turn, a "grown-up," i decided to really be on the lookout for a new bag...a grown-up bag. i had been wanting to get a new bag for awhile, but i just could never find anything that i really loved. but a couple of weeks ago, i found it. i wasn't sure if i liked it that much, but it was on sale (which always makes it better). i carried it around for a bit and decided that it was the one.

a "grown-up" bag.

so there it is. i am moving towards being a "grown-up." first the bag, then college graduation...maybe one day i can move out and live on my own. hahahahahaha. or not. baby-steps, let's start with baby-steps. handbags first.

and i would just like to thank natalie (on the left) and lindsey (on the right) for helping with this first step!!! :)

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  1. well well well...it's about time you became a grown up. and i think i did compliment your new bag just a few short hours ago! now, i think i have slightly digressed into a teenage bag myself these days. but it's okay because it's sexy and it makes me sexy.