employment does not equal knowledge.

i don't have much to say right now, but i want to share something. so, i will think of stuff to share as i go.

first, yesterday i went and met with my advisor to have him sign the graduation packet that i have so thoughtfully neglected. he was checking all of my credits to make sure everything was in order and he so kindly mentioned that i was 1.4 credits short. i knew he was lying because 5 minutes prior to him dropping this bomb, he told me that he had only been employed there for 2 weeks. i knew he didn't know what he was talking about. i maybe-kinda-sorta had a minor mental breakdown, but i kept my cool. after all, 2 weeks of employment does not give him the right to tell me that i am not graduating. and besides, what is this 1.4 credit crap. i only need 120 credits to graduate and i technically have 136. so, 1.4 short is bull crap. he told me he would have someone more experienced check it and if he was right and i was truly short, he would email me. i haven't heard from him, so he was wrong.

next, i do believe that i might have a slight internet addiction. and when i say addiction, i might mean obsession. and when i say obsession, i might mean problem. my latest internet adventures consist of me trying to figure out html coding. it may or may not be a problem, but i may be in denial about it, as well. i just need to figure a few things out about coding and then i won't be so dang obsessed. i'm buying a book on it. that's the extent of the addiction. there are worse things, though, aren't there?

have i mentioned that i have one of the raddest friends in america? and yes, i did just use the word "raddest." but seriously, i do. she may or may not feed my addiction, but i think she rocks anyway. she is extremely talented and beautiful and fun...and to prove it, here are a few pictures. and yes, these were all taken while i was trying to figure out html coding. go figure.

okay then.

that's all.

(and if you don't like me posting pictures of you in my blog, ade, don't take them with my camera....hee, hee. jk.)


  1. okay, chelle...i have a few things to say about this blog. first thing's first. 1.4 credits, my ass. that's all i have to say about that. secondly, yes. you have a minor addiction, but it's okay. at least you're not addicted to, say, crack. because crack is wack. or is it whack? i prefer the former.

    now, about the photos...you know i'm slightly obsessed with myself, soooooo...it's okay that they're posted on there. ha ha. at least i can make some pretty awesome faces, huh? (ps - thankyouforsayingnicethingsaboutmeiamalittleembarrassedbutflatteredatthesametime.)

    and finally, i am pretty excited to figure out how to add your link to my blog. and, since i'm not the internet whiz you are, it will probably take me all day.


  2. i decided, after looking at my photos on your blog once again, that i have the world's strangest-looking cheeks. if there was no nose in between them and you squished them together, it would form a butt. ewwww. well, i guess that's why we have both face cheeks and butt cheeks...do you think it's because they both look cheeky?

  3. i decided to post another comment because i have changed my profile photo again. this will show that i am using the pictures that i took with your camera as my profile photos. they are one and the same. or 40 and the same.

  4. oh. my. gosh.
    i had no idea i was so "special."