apparently, a traumatizing childhood.

so, i know that i have previously mentioned that my parents are moving to vegas. well, in the process of moving, we have been going through old "stuff." ya know, the stuff from childhood that you held onto because you thought for sure that you would want it when you got older because you loved it so much and you thought that your kids would love it, too. yeah, you know the stuff. btw--just get rid of it...but, i digress.

now, don't get me wrong, there isn't that much stuff...okay, there is but, it is slowly disappearing. well, a couple of weeks ago, we found the boxes of books that my mom had put away for us. i was thoroughly entertained while going through the boxes. reminiscing is aways fun. and i have to say, we had quite a few really good books. that was one thing we didn't lack, growing up. but, again, i digress.

for those of you who have accessed my myspace, you are aware that my sister, laurie, and i have this little unicorn-liger-fairy-mystical creature thing going. well, in the spirit of keeping that up, i pulled out the books in the collection that had to do with unicorns so that i could send them to laurie (and i figured that kaylie will enjoy them, too). surprisingly, we had quite a few books about unicorns. maybe they were popular back then. i remember the girl up the street was obsessed with them. i never really got into them. well, besides the books.

so, last night i was looking at the books again and making sure that i wanted to send them all and i opened up the little gem pictured above, and written on the inside cover was the little message pictured below.

(just in case you can't read it clearly, it says "dear mom and dad, i left for til night. becaus mom locked us in the room. and she was meantaly abueing us. love, julie love ya" julie wasn't the greatest speller, fyi.)

oh my heck. i was laughing so hard and every time i thought about the note, i had to giggle...still do. anyway, i immediately got out the camera to document (simply so i could blog about it). then today, i had to call everyone and tell them about it. my oldest sister, kristen, couldn't stop laughing...and she couldn't breath, either. laurie thught it was hilarious too. (laurie said she was glad that she didn't write it.) and julie laughed, too.

mom, on the other hand, didn't think it was all that funny. she was so concerned about the message and what she had done and what the precise situation was in which julie needed to write this message. she demanded that i call julie and find this information out.

well, here's what i found out and the consensus we came to, as sisters.

a.) julie doesn't remember writing this, therefore, doesn't remember what had happened or when or why it was written.

b.) it must not have been that serious of a note, seeing as how it is written on the inside cover of a unicorn book--probably the last place someone would look.

c.) we didn't have locks on our doors growing up, so it was physically impossible to "lock" us in a room.

d.) we (the three little girls) probably got sent to our room and told to stay there because we had a tendency to make pretty big messes...so, there is a good chance that is really what happened.

e.) laurie and julie used to write in a lot of books, so it could have been just writing.

f.) we were not mentally abused as children.

so, mom, no worries...we don't hold you accountable for any of our mental problems. and thanks for all the books!


  1. no, you weren't mentall abused. you were "meantaly abue-ed". hahahaha.

    funny funny story. jess and i had unicorn sheets on our beds when we were kids. we changed our sheets every week and always hated when we had the OTHER sheets on. the unicorns made us have sweet dreams.

  2. heyyy...i can't see your pictures. sad.

  3. i fixed the pictures.
    don't worry, i forgot a cardinal rule in posting pictures...don't delete them from the source.

  4. i'm so glad you fixed the problem. there's something about an empty box with a little tiny box in its upper left hand corner. you know what i speak of...this tiny box contains a red x. it infuriates me.

  5. Oh my heck! I can't breathe! I agree with Laurie, I'm glad it wasn't me. Don't you think Ju had/has a dark side? Poor mom, she's probably more "meantaly abueed" from our childhood revelations.